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Accommodation in Spain

The variety of accommodations to choose from when on holidays in Spain is almost unlimited and can suite any budget.

Spain is a hugely popular holiday destination for people from across the world. Its sunny climes, wonderful beaches and laidback atmosphere mean that many visitors go back year after year to sample all the joys that this country has to offer. Tying in with this huge tourist demand, there is a vast range of different types of accommodation on offer, with something available to appeal to everyone, no matter what you are looking for from your Spanish holiday. There are many factors that will affect every visitor`s choice of accommodation including, but not limited to, cost, quality of facilities, location and proximity to the airport and other amenities.

For most, the obvious choice is to stay in a hotel.  One of the most popular alternative accommodation choices in Spain is to rent a private villa. These traditional Spanish residences allow holidaymakers a great deal of privacy and the ability to relax in what quickly feels like a home away from home. Many of these villas have a swimming pool, patios ideal for sun loungers and full self-catering facilities, including equipped kitchens and barbecues.

Villas are also a great choice for those wishing to explore the less tourist-oriented areas of Spain, such as the rural heartlands, as they can be found dotted throughout the countryside. It is important to note that many of these locations will require a hire car to allow visitors to explore and get to and from various key destinations.

Another very popular choice for holidaymakers in Spain is the large hotel complexes found in the majority of resort towns along the coast. These complexes have a huge number of rooms which means they are also exceptionally well-fitted with facilities to suit a large number of guests. These often include on-site restaurants, bars, shops and play areas for children, some of which are encompassed by all-inclusive offers. Most complexes also have a sizeable set of shared swimming pools and plenty of space for sunbathing. In addition, many of these complexes are situated within easy walking distance of the local town and nearby beaches and frequent shuttles often run between the complexes and the nearest airports.

For those seeking a mix between the privacy and self-sufficiency of a villa and the convenience and central location of a hotel complex; apartments can often be the best choice. Found in many destinations, from the major cities of Barcelona and Madrid to the resort towns of the Costa del Sol and everywhere in between, apartments are the preferred choice for many visitors to Spain. As with villas they are often equipped with self-catering facilities but are also in ideal locations to simply walk to a wide range of restaurants, bars and nightspots. Overall, apartments provide a winning combination of independence and convenience, in the heart of many major Spanish destinations.

In total, holidaymakers in Spain are spoiled for choice when looking for suitable accommodation and different groups will make different choices depending on their specific requirements. While families may be best suited to a villa holiday, big groups of young people may prefer a bustling complex, and couples may opt for an apartment - there really is something for everyone. Whichever option you choose, car hire may well be important to allow flexibility and freedom of exploration on your holiday.