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If you wish to discover as much as possible of Spain, driving a car is one of the best method of transport. 

Spain is a very beautiful country with all types of landscapes. When you get away from the tourist places, you will experience the "real" Spain, and the way the Spaniards live. In addition, things get a lot cheaper, especially at restaurants and bars, and things get much more authentic. It is easy to find accommodation when you drive around in Spain, there are many hotels at most categories.

The roads in Spain are generally good, especially the motorways and in particular the told-roads. The main roads tend to be quite busy near the main cities and on national holidays so try to avoid national holidays and to stay away from the main cities where many cars often drive too fast and show no mercy to other road users. In addition you’ll often find the cities tricky to negotiate and parking difficult to find and very expensive. If, however, the focus of your trip is to visit the main cities then you’d be better off using Spain’s excellent public transport system.

Car hire in Spain can be excellent value provided you shop around. It pays to book your car rental before you arrive in Spain as you’ll get far better deals from the online car brokers than you will by leaving the rental until you arrive. Third party liability insurance is compulsory and although collision-damage waivers vary between companies, they usually seem worthwhile when compared with the potential loss if an accident occurred.

Whether you bring your own car to Spain or rent a car, there are certain rules you must follow:

Vehicles must carry two warning triangles in their car which should be placed in front and behind the car if you breakdown.

Drivers should have easy access to a fluorescent jacket which they must wear outside their vehicle in the event of a breakdown.

Children under 12 years of age are not allowed to sit in the front seat.

Drivers who wear glasses must carry a spare pair.

Your car should have a first aid kit, a spare tyre, spare bulbs, a spare fan belt and the tools to fit them.

Respect the speed limits, on motorways the speed limit is 120 km/h on other roads 110 km/h unless signs show a lower limit, something that is very common.