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Image from Alhambra

Spain has so many tourist attractions; aqueducts from the Roman occupation, Moorish fortresses and baths, medieval cathedrals and castles, to mention a few.

Small mediaeval towns, city centers soaked in history and architecture from different sovereigns and cultures, lovely rural landscapes, amazing coastal areas with wonderful beaches and a Mediterranean climate are among the things Spain has to offer the tourist.  Add to this the friendly population with curious traditions, the many popular festivities and a delicious culinary fare and you have the ideal holiday destination.

Many visitors come to Spain to enjoy the sun and sangria in one of Spain’s beautiful coastal resorts and to participate in the renowned night life, whether it is dining in one of the numerous local restaurants, partying on the beach or going to one of the many nightclubs/discos.  Others have visiting a city with culture as the focal point.

Among the most incredible visitor attractions in Spain is without doubt the Alhambra. Part palace and part fortress, the Alhambra is the peak of Moorish art and one of the best architectural sights in the whole of Europe. Overlooking the pretty hillside city of Granada, it’s easy to spend a day exploring this remarkable monument to Spain’s Muslim past. 

High on the list of the top ten sights in Spain is Cordoba, founded by the Romans. Cordoba’s heyday was during the early Moorish period when it was reputed to be the most splendid city of Europe. The main tourist attraction is the Great Mosque (the Mezquita), built between 785 and 1002. In the 16th century the center of the mosque was transformed into a Christian church.

The cathedral of Sevilla (Seville) is the largest Gothic building in the world and has a superb collection of art and period stonework. Christopher Columbus is buried here. Sevilla furthermore bears numerous traces of the 500 years of Moorish occupation among the most important is the Alcázar, the palace fortress of the Arab kings and one of the finest examples of Moorish architecture.

Many of the other cities of Spain also have fascinating sites, like the capital Madrid, the coastal towns of Barcelona and Valencia and the ancient capital of Toledo, once the European center for sciences and education. Wherever you go in Spain you can find sights that would satisfy even the most demanding cultural appetite.